The Crystal Ball for Talent Data

Experience unprecedented visibility and control with Sevenstep’s proprietary data analytics solution, Sevayo® Insights.

Empowering Talent Analytics with Sevayo® Insights

Sevenstep’s proprietary data analytics solution, Sevayo® Insights, helps companies learn from the past, control the present and envision the future with real-time access to critical business intelligence:

  • Early identification and resolution of obstacles
  • Highly sophisticated talent trend reporting
  • Prescriptive AI-driven recruitment workflows
  • Accurate forecasting for timebound hiring

Sevayo® Insights seamlessly aggregates and synthesizes all talent data channels into a single dashboard and can be used in combination with any technology platforms to include Sevenstep's own Sevayo Talent AI® integrated hiring platform

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Case Study
Sevenstep Sevayo® Insights Team Recovers Lost Data for Logistics Company

On the Friday before a major national holiday, a logistics company was notified by their ATS that they had been bought and that changes would be forthcoming. That Monday, changes were published that broke usability of the ATS, including lost data and reporting capabilities. Learn how the Sevenstep Sevayo® Insights team project managed the change fix and restored usability and data for an existing enterprise RPO client.

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The People Behind Sevenstep’s Talent Analytics Solution: Sevayo® Insights

Brian Knapp
Executive Vice President,
Analytics & Infrastructure
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Paul Harty
Chief Solutions Officer
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