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Creative Tech-and-Team Solution Clears a Path to 4,000+ Healthcare Hires


The Situation: Acquisitions Ramp
Up Hiring Needs

A leading Fortune 5 healthcare company expanded its presence in direct patient care by acquiring an in-home healthcare platform and network of primary care centers across the US. This increased clinical hiring needs and heightened C-suite expectations to improve patient care while managing costs.

These pressures, coupled with a constrained talent supply and heavy demand, emphasized the urgent need for innovation and elevation in the talent acquisition (TA) delivery process.

Number of clinical
hires filled
Reduction in time-to-fill calendar days
Percentage reduction in requisition aging

Path to Success: Leveraging Predictive Analytics
and TA Resourcing

As a trusted and longstanding recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) partner, Sevenstep recognized an opportunity to enhance our client’s TA delivery in clinical hiring and drive program innovation. Leveraging over 10 years of extensive TA data, we employed predictive analytics powered by advanced machine learning algorithms within our proprietary Sevayo® Insights data integration platform.

The approach was strategic. By leveraging proven algorithms, we proactively anticipated the effort required for each requisition at the time of its opening. Using those results, we classified all new requisitions as “Standard” or “Specialty” through a multi-factor analysis of various categorical data points and corresponding metrics. Such categorization was pivotal in shaping the ideal blend of recruiting resources, overall headcount, sourcing tools and talent engagement strategies — fostering a cohesive, smart approach from day 1. Keys to success included:  

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Boosting TA Efficiency for “Standard” Roles: Characterized by an adequate volume and quality of applicant flow, we prioritized these requisitions for screening-focused strategies.
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Predicting and Resourcing Challenging Requisition: “Specialty” roles, those predicted to be more difficult to recruit for and of a higher risk of aging, underwent immediate passive candidate sourcing through a tailored recruitment strategy as follows:
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Automated Sourcing Technology: Sevenstep’s Sevayo® TalentAI® and Talent Finder tools applied automation to search and stack-rank candidates. This process enabled recruiters to prioritize and engage with candidates efficiently.
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Advanced Sourcing Tactics: We executed sourcing efforts immediately via an established playbook, including programmatic advertising, passive search, virtual/in-person event management and social marketing outreach.
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Diversity Boost: We applied sourcing technology and tactics to emphasize various diversity dimensions in our searches, ensuring a more inclusive candidate pool.
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Specialized Recruiters: WFor specialized roles, recruiter skill alignment focused on proven success within hard-to-fill profiles, passive talent outreach and “white glove” hiring manager consultation.


We also implemented a preventative method of flagging requisitions to account for those that deviated from our initial expectations. Based on specific triggers, requisitions can be re-categorized as “Specialty” early in the TA process to minimize aging and prioritize the deployment of additional strategy levers.  

Key Results: Improving the Hiring Manager and Candidate Experience

Through a strategic partnership with Sevenstep, the client achieved the following results in one year:

  • 4,000+ clinical hires filled annually, 65% for in-office or field-based roles and 35% for remote work-from-home
  • A reduction of 18 calendar days in time-to-fill
  • A 34% reduction in requisition aging, from 40% to 6% in a challenging clinical talent hiring initiative
  • A 5% average improvement in the number of interviews resulting in offers
  • A 5-point increase in the hiring leader Net Promoter Score (NPS) to 82 – a predictor of customer loyalty where anything above 80 is deemed world-class
  • A sustained new hire NPS of 85

It is important to note that the achievements attained not only boosted hiring manager success, but those increases occurred all while sustaining a positive candidate experience, as well.

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