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Because recruitment success and challenge can come from anywhere at any time, Sevenstep always manages to the future.

Transformative RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing) Solutions

Sevenstep solves the complexities of high-volume hiring (e.g. Niche/specialized roles, volatility, disparate processes and geographies) to deliver proven workforce gains:

  • Improved speed, quality and retention of new hires
  • Assurance with mission critical hiring projects
  • Strengthened employer brand and talent communities
  • Significantly reduced, or eliminated, agency spend
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Enterprise RPO Client Engagements

Typically one to five-year, end-to-end process engagements, Sevenstep Enterprise RPO is designed for employers with permanent and/or contingent hiring needs ranging from a few hundred to several thousand annually for select hiring categories and any specialized programs to include Campus Recruiting, Class Hiring or Diversity Recruiting.

Enterprise RPO Client Experience

Learn more about how Sevenstep partners with organizations to provide innovative enterprise RPO solutions.

Case Study
Niche Hiring for Fortune 10 Healthcare Company

The highly transitional and heavily regulated nature of the healthcare industry presents both tremendous growth opportunities as well as challenges for talent acquisition. Since 2011, this Fortune 50 retail pharmacy and healthcare company has entrusted its high volume and hard-to-fill recruiting needs to Sevenstep. Explore how Sevenstep is continuously optimizing talent acquisition and finding new levels of performance for this longstanding client.

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Case Study
Unifying Talent Acquisition for Global Data Analytics Enterprise

With decentralized recruiting processes across 18 countries and 5 continents, this Fortune 1000 data analytics company needed to unify talent acquisition efforts. In 2014, the company turned to Sevenstep to create a single global recruitment program. Learn more about Sevenstep’s approach to this global RPO challenge.

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Project RPO Client Engagements

Typically less than one year and providing either partial or full process support, Sevenstep Project RPO is designed for employers with one hundred or more hires within select hiring categories in need of immediate support. Projects run through the set time period and/or deliverables or convert into longer-term Enterprise commitments.

Project RPO Client Experience

Learn more about how Sevenstep partners with companies to provide cruicial project RPO solutions.

Case Study
Specialized Project RPO Program Enables Launch of a New Brand for a Sports Entertainment Company

An existing recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) client was in need of specialty business operations hires for a new brand launch, specifically local market marketing executives in major cities around the U.S. Learn how Sevenstep partnered with a sports entertainment company to prepare for the launch of a new brand through the use of a nimble, specialized project RPO program.

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Proven Industry Expertise

Sevenstep has extensive experience implementing successful talent solutions across a broad range of industries and business verticals.

Manufacturing & Engineering
Supply Chain

The People Behind Sevenstep’s RPO Solutions

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Executive Vice President, Customer Success
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Senior Vice President,
Client Services
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