Total Talent Solutions for Today's Workforce Challenges

From analytics and technology to employer branding and contingent workforce management, Sevenstep enhances your organization’s level of readiness to integrate

A Total Talent Approach Removes Barriers to the Workforce

Sevenstep’s technology, expertise and hands-on support bridges the silos that stand in the way of permanent employee hiring and contractor engagement.

  • Sevayo® Insights workforce intelligence encompasses ATS, VMS, HRIS and external contingent and permanent hire market data.
  • Customized solutions and high-touch support address the nuances of total workforce engagement for your organizations.
  • Results-driven strategies to document impact and drive continuous improvement.
  • Optimized talent decision-making

Total Talent Client Experience

The total talent journey evolves based on a company's level of readiness to integrate contingent and perm hiring. The goal is to achieve data-based visibility into talent across all work models and secure the right workers based on the best-fit, cost, and time-to-impact.

Total Talent In Action
Creating the Right Talent Mix for a Competitive Industry

Faced with a demand for critical technical skills, a leader in a highly competitive industry turned to Sevenstep to address hard-to-fill talent needs on a rapid delivery timeline. Applying advanced analytics from its proprietary Sevayo® Insights platform, Sevenstep revealed an advantage in utilizing a mix of contractors and perm hires for timely cost-effective results. The impact of this approach set the stage for a lasting total talent approach to high-value roles in a highly challenging market.

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Proven Industry Expertise

Sevenstep has extensive experience implementing successful talent solutions across a broad range of industries and business verticals.

Financial Services
Supply Chain
Travel Hospitality

The People Behind Sevenstep's Total Talent Solutions

Anamarie Devito
Vice President,
MSP Client Services
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Noelle Paras
Senior Vice President,
Client Services
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