Predictive Workforce Intelligence Comes of Age

Employers struggle to make talent acquisition (TA) decisions in the face of volatile markets and uncertain futures, but predictive analytics offer a better view of the road ahead.

How are organizations applying technology to deliver more predictive workforce intelligence? This report explores the answers with findings from a survey by Sevenstep and the Everest Group, along with expert perspectives for building predictive workforce intelligence into your TA function.

Highlights include:

  • Survey Results: Among the findings, 93% of respondents rate predictive workforce intelligence as important and 65% use or plan to adopt solutions to support data-enabled decision making.
  • Difference-makers in Workforce Intelligence: Speed and flexibility, detailed data, and a predictive view of trends and outcomes are core expectations of technology.
  • Keys to Adoption:Look beyond features and functions, take an ecosystem approach to solutions, and look beyond simple metrics to get more out of your data.
  • Bonus Everest Group Report:Get the full survey findings and an broad industry perspective from the Everest Group. 


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