Sevenstep Sevayo® Insights Team Recovers Lost Data for Logistics Company


  • Challenges
  • Approach
  • Results

Hiring Volume: 2,000 – 2,500 hires/year

Geography: U.S.


Non-exempt: shipping and receiving clerks, forklift drivers, hourly warehouse workers; exempt: engineers, operations managers, maintenance technicians, warehouse supervisors

Specific Challenges:

  • On the Friday before Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, the client was informed by their ATS provider that they had been bought and upgrades would be forthcoming; that Monday, changes were published that:
    • Unpublished job openings
    • Erased all candidate phone numbers
    • Disabled the integration with Indeed
    • Discontinued the ability to create new jobs
    • Removed job assessment scoring
  • The integration between the client’s ATS and Sevenstep’s Sevayo® Insights dashboard, which had long been used to track talent acquisition and business intelligence data across the enterprise, was also severed in the upgrade, leaving the business without critical intelligence.

Solution Type: Existing Enterprise RPO client

Delivery Model: End-to-end

Highlighted Strategies:

  • The Sevenstep Sevayo® Insights team jumped in to afford the client the ability to focus on what impacted them directly while leaving expert resources in charge of project managing the change fix
  • The Sevenstep client delivery team manually addressed areas of talent acquisition and onboarding that were impacted by the ATS changeover; candidate experience was given top priority
  • During the two-week period when integration with Indeed was down, there was no profile information or resume on file for candidates who applied; the delivery team individually emailed each of these candidates to request all missing information
  • There was also a break in integration in the screening tool being used by the client; Sevenstep coordinators worked with each candidate who accepted an offer during the time the ATS integration was down to manually schedule drug tests and keep the process moving
  • The offer process was also in jeopardy and background forms were not accessible; Sevenstep manually gathered candidate information from the client’s internal HR team in order to process new hires made during the time the ATS synchronization was down
  • Sevenstep hosted scrum meetings twice a day to coordinate team efforts – of the ATS provider, the Sevenstep Sevayo® team and the client
  • Sevenstep worked with the ATS provider to get data backloaded and tested in the new environment
  • The delivery team tracked all errors, examples and testing while the Sevayo®  Insights team managed all communication with the ATS provider
  • The client uses the Sevayo dashboard to manage several operations of their business, including talent acquisition. Sevenstep was able to stand up the client’s new iteration of their ATS to regain critical business insights while also restoring data that had previously been lost during the two-week change fix.
  • The Sevayo Insights team project managed the change fix – from initial gathering and documentation through to delivery management. This allowed the client’s critical internal resources to continue focusing on business imperatives while the ATS problem was corrected.
  • All functionality and historical data, including posted jobs and candidate information, was fully restored.
  • In addition to correcting the technical malfunction, this situation built on the trust and validity of the partnership between Sevenstep and the client.