Technology Consulting

Technology Expertise

Sevenstep’s Technology Consulting helps companies to ask the right questions and understand the marketplace options to create winning technology empowerment strategies with newly found workforce gains:

  • Optimization of advertising channels
  • Enhanced candidate experience and brand equity
  • Delivery on challenging DEI goals
  • Successful automation of select repetitive tasks

Sevayo Talent AI® & Sevayo® Insights

Sevenstep’s Sevayo Talent AI® is an integrated hiring lifecycle platform with customizable modules when new or additional CRM/ ATS/RMP capabilities are needed.

Sevayo® Insights is Sevenstep’s proprietary data aggregator which works with any combination of HR technology to provide extensive analytics and unprecedented transparency via a single, unified dashboard. This HR tech platform is further strengthened by Sevenstep’s team of data experts who accurately predict and prepare for outcomes with highly effective prescriptive solutions.

The People Behind Sevenstep’s Technology Consulting Solutions

Christopher Partlow
Executive Director, Infrastructure
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Paul Harty
Chief Solutions Officer
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