Employment Branding for Global Data Analytics Powerhouse


  • Challenges
  • Approach
  • Results

Hiring Volume: 1,000 hires globally in addition to source and screen efforts for ~1,000 global hires


5 Continents and 18 countries across North America, Latin America, EMEA, APAC regions


Corporate roles from entry-level to executive hiring: IT, Finance, Marketing, Legal, HR, Support
Specialized roles: Data Analytics and Technology

Specific Challenges:

  • Employer brand in need of a redirect to better attract tech and analytical talent
  • Little to no brand recognition in some regions
  • Acquisition activity added to disparate brand identity with multiple legacy companies

Highlighted Strategies:

  • Advisory Role for EVP (Employer Value Proposition):
    • Ideation with client on creation of EVP and supporting messaging, marketing material and internal/external campaigns.
  • Cross-functional Partnership Alignment:
    • Cohesive sessions with key members of global talent acquisition and marketing
  • Social Media Strategy Development:
    • Elevated focus of program from transactional numbers of followers to more qualitative action-based conversions of followers to hires
  • Advanced Segmentation of Talent Communities:
    • Specialized content design and campaigns to achieve regional and functional talent pools
  • Regionally and Functionally Aligned Landing Pages:
    • Showcasing of the EVP and cultural, day-in-life content for each target candidate segment
  • Mobile Application and UX Optimization:
    • Mobile-friendly job application and process experience (e.g. texting functions to schedule/confirm interviews)
  • Video Consultation:
    • Employee testimonials (Costa Rica) and employer of choice content (Canada)
  • Sourcing Intelligence:
    • Global, regional and country-specific sourcing channels for job postings and other sites supporting the candidate journey (i.e. Glassdoor, LinkedIn)
  • EVP Training for Sevenstep team:
    • Immersive brand sessions for message consistency and true brand stewardship from initial point of contact (email/landing page/advertising) through entire recruitment process and employment.
  • One, global Employer Value Proposition (EVO) for cohesive messaging across multiple platforms (landing pages, social media, advertising)
  • Increased traffic to landing pages by 40%
  • Positioning of client as an employer of choice
  • 25,000+ candidates introduced into talent community
  • Increased number of directly sourced candidates by 20%