What does it take to build a thriving and innovative talent acquisition (TA) function today? How do you drive positive impact in a business climate where change happens quickly and constantly?

Supported by Sevenstep thought leadership research and perspectives from across the world of TA, this report sheds light on the answers. We provide an innovation snapshot around the priorities for TA success in an extreme landscape, including:

Workforce Intelligence
Advances in data science and predictive analytics are transforming how employers approach current and future workforce needs.

Talent Acquisition Agility
An ecosystem of at-the-ready resources and capabilities should be easily activated and scaled to meet changing demands. 

Total Talent Reach
Organizations are bridging siloed processes and applying technology that enables visibility across the entire permanent hire and contingent workforce landscape.

This report provides a perspective that can help your organization set a course for innovation and success across all facets of talent acquisition. 

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