Talent Analytics in Action Part 2: Predicting Future Hiring Needs

The business environment is uncertain. Talent needs change quickly, and employers have little room for error in their hiring decisions. That is why talent leaders must have confidence in which roles to fill and who they seek to fill them. Innovations in HR technology promise to provide the tools to address these needs, but cutting through the “technobabble” becomes its own hurdle. “Understand This!” from the HRO Today Educational Podcast Series cuts through the noise by providing real-world examples of HR technology in action.

On the second episode of Understand This! Noelle Paras, Senior Vice President, Client Services, returns to continue her discussion of Sevenstep’s Sevayo® Insights platform. With Sevayo Insights, companies can analyze current and historical information to predict and prepare for major obstacles they may soon face. Getting predictive with data and analytics is no easy task, but real-world experience shows that it can be done and that companies can achieve real impact in terms of time, cost and talent impact.

Listen in as Noelle and HRO Today CEO Elliot Clarke explore the application of Sevayo for the hiring needs of a major healthcare and retail organization as they handled steep hiring needs and changing business demands.



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