Realize the Full Potential of the Contingent Workforce

The contingent workforce is large, influential and highly skilled. Sevenstep’s Managed Service Provider (MSP) team brings deep experience, innovative technology, and a record of success helping organizations realize the full potential of this vital labor supply.

Flexible Solutions to Keep You Ahead


Bring all facets of your contingent workforce supply chain into a single management program for better visibility, cost control, and agility to meet changing business needs. Sevenstep has been recognized as a major contender and star performer by Everest Group in its global PEAK Matrix assessment of Contingent Workforce solutions.

Direct Sourcing

Apply the power of today’s most capable hard-to-fill and high-value recruitment solution to leverage your employer brand and secure flexible talent outside of your suppliers’ areas of specialty.

Total Talent Solutions

Grow your MSP program over time to cover all talent. Sevenstep can help you set the foundation for a single talent acquisition capability that spans all worker types, enabling enterprise management of permanent hiring and contingent worker engagement. A consistent program and total talent visibility provide a critical advantage for securing vital skills in today’s demanding market for talent.

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Built to Thrive in Today’s Extended Workforce Landscape

Agility: Many MSPs are built for structure and efficiency, but today’s business demands go much further, as adjusting to change is as important as consistency and cost control. Sevenstep brings a unique combination of technology to navigate changing priorities, at-the-ready capabilities for reaching new workers, and expertise to lead change management and ensure positive outcomes. 

Visibility: Sevenstep works with all major Vendor Management System (VMS) technologies for a complete view of your supply chain activity, but that is only the beginning. Our Sevayo® Insights platform provides the deepest workforce intelligence available, with predictive analytics to identify trends and address risks; apply detailed market data on talent supply, demand and pricing; forecast needs and potential impacts; and enable best-option decisions for all aspects of your contingent workforce strategy.  

Cost Control: Sevenstep builds its MSP programs for cost impact now and in the future. By bringing siloes of contingent workforce spend under one program, an MSP establishes consistent costs and bill rates across all hiring sources, using industry market data, while preserving flexibility for local conditions or special talent needs. Over time, we apply innovations to drive continuous cost optimization, identifying new value opportunities whether through savings, economies of scale, risk avoidance, or gains in efficiency. 

Access to Talent: Our MSP approach is built to eliminate the limitations of silos in reaching the workforce supply. The MSP draws talent from the entire supplier network to fulfill a job order, ensuring you receive the best worker for the job at the right time and cost. And when your supplier network is not positioned to fill a specific hiring demand, we can bridge the gap by applying our direct sourcing solution to recruit and connect with the talent you seek, using the full power of your employer brand and Sevenstep’s world-class recruiting capability.  

Governance, Risk and Compliance: Program discipline is essential for achieving value, supporting compliance, and managing change while sustaining performance. Sevenstep’s approach to governance emphasizes active engagement across all stakeholders, process transparency, and advanced program management practices to ensure long-term stability and value. Our MSP clients also benefit from our deep industry expertise and talent perspective to navigate current and future regulatory demands, from data privacy to employment law, co-employment and worker classification and more. 

Supplier Satisfaction and Performance: The supplier network can make a difference in your organization’s ability to secure workers effectively as business demands evolve. Our MSP program supports suppliers with a clear working structure, active management and transparency. The result is a supplier network that ensures your most valued providers prioritize your workforce needs and deliver quality results. 

Diversity Equity and Inclusion: Diversity is an important priority in building an effective contingent supplier network, but diverse suppliers are not the end of the story. Today DEI concerns go further, as organizations look to improve diversity of the workers being engaged. Sevenstep brings the focus and guidance to ensure diversity in the supplier base, but also has the expertise and technology to track and improve DEI across the contingent workforce.  

Contingent Workforce Leadership: As a Motion Recruitment company, Sevenstep builds on a 34-year tradition of long-client relationships, high client expectations and a focus on performance. Sevenstep’s success in helping MSP clients secure high-value workers in critical skills draws from the relationships and record of success Motion Recruitment brings to every engagement.

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  • “Sevenstep has proven once again its ability to help companies rise to the challenges of today’s talent acquisition demands...Their experience in healthcare, technology and all major industries makes them a great option for employers seeking talent to grow and succeed in a difficult market.”


  • “Sevenstep has quickly made a mark in the contingent workforce market by making dedicated investments and showcasing a total talent vision and capability.”


  • “They do a great job with training and retaining their own talent. This not an easy space to hold onto people. They do, and it's a testament to how they treat their people.”


  • “The Sevenstep leadership team fuels their passion for recruiting excellence with dynamic personalities and proven business experience.”


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