Video Streaming Start-Up Adopts Project RPO Partnership Ahead of Major Acquisition


  • Challenges
  • Approach
  • Results

Hiring Volume: 200+ hires/year

Geography: U.K.


Developers, digital marketers, management, analysts, designers, sales, HR, finance, systems administrators, software assurance

Specific Challenges:

  • No one internally dedicated to talent acquisition, recruiting being done by HR
  • No applicant tracking system or source of talent acquisition measurement
  • Hard-to-fill hiring profile; using a niche programming language compounded the difficulty to recruit top technology talent
  • Overspending on recruitment advertising and third-party agencies
  • Acquired by one of the world’s largest online retail companies; navigating an acquisition while transitioning a newly built talent acquisition programme

Solution Type: Project RPO

Delivery Model: End-to-end

Highlighted Strategies:

  • Expert Resource Augmentation:
    • Supplemented the client’s HR team with skilled talent acquisition resources, enabling scaling with specialised recruiters and a talent acquisition team based out of a centralised delivery centre
  • Process Standardisation:
    • Defined clear escalation pathways and established recruiting, coordinating and hiring procedures, including the introduction of talent segmentation and talent pool management
  • Technology:
    • Implemented an ATS to measure and optimise the new talent acquisition programme, including tracking the source of candidates and new hires and creating historical records for key information like salary and start date
  • Referral Programme:
    • Implemented a solution and management process for direct-hire candidates, referral hires and external hires processed through the RPO
  • Change Management:
    • Transitioned the talent acquisition programme to the purchasing company’s team without disrupting the experience and service to key stakeholders, including candidates and hiring managers
  • 95% fill rate for open positions
  • Increased new hire retention rate
  • £751,000 in recruitment spend saved
  • Eliminated third-party agency usage and spend