Synthesizing a Total Talent Workforce Approach for National Construction Equipment Firm


  • Challenges
  • Approach
  • Results

Hiring Volume: 800 FTE and ~200 contract hires annually

Geography: US and Canada


Sales professionals, service technicians and corporate roles (finance, IT, marketing, etc.)

Specific Challenges:

  • Highly competitive job market for sales roles and specialized mechanical and light industrial workers
  • Challenging geographies within the US and Canada in remote, low population locales
  • Move from decentralized to centralized TA process a big sift affecting all hiring workflows
  • Heavy competitor landscape for target talent making job postings less effective
  • On-demand nature of contingent workforce needs required fast response and success rates
  • Employment brand was undeveloped

Solution Type: RPO

Delivery Model: End-to-end

Highlighted Strategies:

  • Streamlined POC Strategy:
    • One, consistent hiring manager relationship owner for both Permanent and Contract needs
  • In-depth Market Research:
    • Competitive intelligence to develop targeted, regional sourcing strategies for contingent labor
  • Talent Community Development:
    • Targeted social media and email campaigns for both contingent and permanent roles
  • Advertising Optimization:
    • SEO-enhanced job descriptions specific to vertical and workforce pool
  • FTE Interview to hire ratio – 3:1
  • Annual agency savings – $1.2M
  • Time to fill for contingent roles – 14 days
  • Hiring Manager Satisfaction – 91%
  • Reduction of hiring compliance concerns with centralized program
  • Delivered hiring manager time savings through single point of contact for total talent needs
  • Leveraged Sevayo® Insights data analytics tools to create customized reports for HR and senior business leaders to standardize all workflows
  • SOW expansion into Contingent Labor – 1st Generation active Sevenstep client