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Recruiting Project Moves Global Manufacturer into a New Market


The Situation: Market Expansion
Ramps Up Hiring

A luxury high-rise elevator manufacturer aimed to expand its product range to include solutions for mid-rise buildings within a year. To facilitate this rapid expansion and diversification, the company needed to recruit external talent for more than 50 newly created, hard-to-fill sales roles across multiple locations and verticals within the elevator industry.

To address immediate talent demands and ensure long-term sustainability, the talent acquisition (TA) leader recognized the need for a flexible hiring strategy. This involved partnering with a data-driven recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) partner that enabled real-time adjustments based on accurate and up-to-date information instead of relying on traditional agencies with limited data resources.

Hard-to-fill roles fulfilled in 59 days to meet rapid-scale client needs
Average interview-to-offer ratio achieved, indicating high candidate quality
Locations identified for proactive candidate sourcing and engagement

Path to Success: Industry and Competitor Sourcing

To overcome cost and scalability challenges in expanding internal TA teams, the company turned to Sevenstep. By augmenting internal resources, the project successfully secured talent from a limited industry pool, including competitors, ultimately transforming the TA program. Highlights included: 

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Market Intelligence-Driven Recruitment: Collaborating closely with the client, Sevenstep utilized our Sevayo® Insights data integration platform to target external talent for high-value sales positions critical for their expansion into mid-rise building solutions. Leveraging actionable market insights, we identified top talent, anticipated market shifts, and aligned strategies for maximum impact across 38 locations and three unique verticals.
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Proactive Candidate Sourcing and Engagement: Leveraging social media and proactive outreach, we strategically targeted passive candidates from our client’s competitors. Our approach involved tailoring engagement messages to suit each role and competitor, with a strong emphasis on maximizing response rates from potential talent. Continuously monitoring performance, we adjusted our messaging to ensure its effectiveness. Additionally, staying attuned to market dynamics, including competitor layoffs, allowed us to capitalize on emerging talent opportunities quickly.
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Specialized Recruiter Training: Sevenstep’s recruiter training program deeply integrated our team into the client’s business model. Through industry immersion workshops and role-play exercises, our recruiters aligned their mindset with the client’s operations and gained a thorough understanding of the level of urgency attached to every hiring need.
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Long-Term TA Advantage: The ongoing initiative, stemming from the project, sustains strong TA capabilities by adapting to real-time business changes, adjusting staffing levels as needed, and ensuring alignment between Sevenstep and the client's internal team to capitalize on growth opportunities and achieve ongoing goals.


Key Results: Meeting Talent Needs Swiftly

  • Rapid Hire for 51 Positions: Filled 51 positions across 38 locations and three unique verticals within the elevator industry, ranging from mid-level individual contributor to regional sales director
  • Accelerated Offer Acceptance: Achieved an average time-to-offer-accept of 59 calendar days
  • A Quality 1.9:1 Interview/Offer Ratio: Achieved an average screen-to-interview ratio of 1.8 to 1 and a low average interview-to-offer ratio of 1.9 to 1 (indicating high candidate quality)
  • Strategic Direction Through Subsequent Enterprise RPO: Implemented a scalable TA process across all US field locations and functions in collaboration with the client
  • Technology Advantage Drives Performance: Maximized the use of our proprietary Sevayo® Insights data integration platform to track candidate stages, measure recruitment statuses, assess performance, monitor time-to-fill metrics, track candidate numbers and manage aging positions
  • Enterprise TA Transformation: Building on the project’s success, the client's TA leader expanded into an enterprise-wide program across additional US locations and functions. The scalability of Sevenstep and the Sevayo® Insights platform served as a compelling proof of concept, instilling confidence in leadership and propelling the initiative to phase two.
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