Case Study

Global Tech Solutions Provider Engages Project RPO to Overcome Growth Challenges


The Situation: Rapid Expansion
& Talent Demand Put
Contracts at Risk

A global technology solutions provider experienced a surge in demand for project management roles due to rapid growth and increased M&A activity. These demands led to a requisition backlog, putting contracts and business opportunities at risk. To address this, they needed a recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) provider to better align TA processes with business needs and enhance organizational resilience.

Roles filled in 90 days
Reduction in agency use

Core Challenges: Inefficient Processes, High Costs and a Reactive Strategy

Further exploration with the client revealed three primary challenges to address. As we dug into the project, themes around processes, cost and strategy prevailed:
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Insufficient Internal Recruitment Processes and Capability: The overwhelmed internal talent acquisition (TA) team, decentralized and inefficient recruitment processes, and high leadership turnover made it difficult to keep up with hiring demands.
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High Contractor and Agency Costs: Due to rapid growth and a surge in demand, the client struggled to control contractor spend and payrolling, which impacted resource allocation and contract fulfillment.
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Lack of a Data-Driven Strategy: The client's human capital management (HCM) platform failed to provide relevant data for supporting strategies. Consequently, the company adopted a reactive "post-and-pray" approach to recruitment.

Path to Success: Proven Processes and Data-Driven Solutions

Sevenstep implemented a targeted strategy to address the client’s recruitment challenges. Our approach involved streamlining processes, enabling data-informed planning and emphasizing collaboration to deliver impactful, sustainable solutions. Our approach succeeded due to several key factors:
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Deploying a Mature Specialized Recruiting Process: We implemented our Project RPO methodology, focused on delivering specialized resources to meet specific hiring needs for defined periods or projects. Our team quickly stabilized leadership involvement, navigated the organization through turnover, and delivered transparent communication and client consultation. By enhancing interview efficiency and expediting hiring decisions through streamlined practices, multipronged sourcing, data-informed planning and continuous improvement, our approach optimized the recruitment process.
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Addressing Recruiter Performance and Agency Spend: We tailored recruitment strategies, created a more responsive candidate experience and enhanced the client's brand to position them as an employer of choice. These initiatives, coupled with a multipronged sourcing approach, ensured access to untapped talent and reduced their dependence on agencies and contingent talent.
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Improving Data Use: Sevenstep experts efficiently drew from the client’s data, including their HCM platform, and leaned on the data and capabilities of our own Sevayo® Insights integration and analytics platform. This approach allowed Sevenstep to develop strategies based on relevant and current market and process intelligence.


Key Results: A Reset for Rapid Hiring Speed and Quality

  • 100+ roles filled in 90 days, surpassing the initial forecast by 29%
  • 50% reduction in agency use, yielding cost savings for the company
  • 49-day time-to-accept, outperforming the 90-day target
  • 7:1 present-to-interview ratio, surpassing the 3:1 target
  • 12+ process improvements implemented to streamline operations
  • 100% satisfaction on hiring manager and candidate surveys
  • Optimized ATS and reporting for enhanced visibility, enabling continuous improvement
  • Expanded RPO program to now manage 300+ annual hires and offer executive search services
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