Enterprise RPO Program Enables Healthcare Business to Continue Global Expansion


  • Challenges
  • Approach
  • Results

Hiring Volume: 8,000 – 10,000 hires annually

Geography: North America, EMEA, APAC


Pharmacy, Technology, Network Management, Behavioral, Marketing & Communications, Compliance, Legal, Sales, Nursing, Healthcare Delivery, Medical & Clinical Operations 

Specific Challenges:

  • Scalability:
    • M&A activity created fluctuating volumes; this, coupled with a growing and diversifying business intensified the need for a scalable dual provider RPO solution.
  • Diversified hiring:
    • Challenged with short deadlines to fill a variety of positions across a global portfolio that range from general to highly specialized and include both high- and low-volume job families.
  • Internal mobility:
    • Executive-level initiatives focused on employee mobility; a lack of internal skills mapping functionality created the need to advance an internal mobility program with best-in-class solutioning.
  • Virtual solutions:
    • With pandemic restrictions, previous face-to-face solutions needed to quickly be replaced with innovative virtual solutions.
  • Innovation imperatives:
    • In addition to general process recommendations and optimizations, there was an increased need for providing creative, innovative ideas in a systematic way to meet the growing needs of the business.
  • Healthcare hiring:
    • Limited and highly competitive talent pool for licensed healthcare professionals; volume demand spikes due to global COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Speed:
    • Rapidly evolving business needs due to acquisitions and extreme growth was compounded when COVID-19 added an additional layer of complexity and compressed timelines. Delivery became even more timebound with critical projects tied to COVID-19 testing readiness, vaccine distribution, and other global healthcare needs.

Solution Type: Enterprise RPO

Delivery Mode: End-to-end

Highlighted Strategies:

  • Robust implementation & training program:
    • Hosted multiple roundtable and voice of the customer (VoC) sessions across 9 sites prior to go live:
      • Conducted a full examination of existing processes and operating rhythms in order to develop an optimized workflow complete with robust reporting and integrated technology systems.
      • Nearly 100 total hours of self- or trainer-led instruction, a two-week training boot camp for the client delivery team, a robust onboarding training plan, and individual site visits prior to go live – all of which aided in the Sevenstep team gaining a strong understanding of the business before launching the program.
  • Culture & value alignment:
    • Developed continuous, collaborative feedback loops to ensure alignment on marketing strategy, hiring priorities, and optimization opportunities.
  • Stakeholder engagement:
    • Aligned with leaders at all levels of the organization to ensure streamlined, responsive communication.
  • Communication & reporting:
    • Structured review cadence, including daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly checkpoints for all levels of stakeholder groups.
  • Disciplined, custom quality assurance:
    • 7 SLAs and 19 KPIs, including compliance, candidate care, requisition management, and innovation.
  • Agile recruitment strategies:
    • Virtual and onsite career fairs to deliver on all job families and hiring needs. Example here.
  • Community engagement:
    • Pipeline talent ahead of demand by building relationships with local schools and workforce centers.
  • Proactive pipelining:
    • “Chase the sun” sourcing with 24-hour efforts across the globe for high priority projects and volume spikes.
  • Employee referral program (ERP):
    • Leveraged a designed employee referral program to contribute to a robust talent pipeline ahead of demand.
    • Held virtual rallies to educate employees on the importance of the ERP, how to refer friends and family, and what to expect upon submitting a referral.
  • Internal talent mobility:
    • Prioritized the sourcing of internal candidates and developed internal marketing materials to educate hiring managers on “internals first” initiative and how to post and advertise jobs for internal audiences.


Year 1 of Global Enagement
  • 5:1 ratio of hiring manager interviews-to-offers accepted is now 3:1.
  • Reduced aged requisition percentage from 28% to 16% can be “28% to 12%.
  • Replaced 64% quarterly volume stat with: 81% annualized volume growth over three year period.
  • Replace 20% quarterly class hiring growth with: 98% fill rate for class-based hiring training cohorts across diverse areas (pharmacy, telesales, shared services).
  • Replace 5 scope expansions with: 8 major scope expansions within first 3 years of program launch.