Virtual Hiring Event Hosted for Healthcare RPO Client Amidst COVID-19 Outbreak


  • Challenges
  • Approach
  • Results

Hiring Volume: 3,000 – 4,500 hires/year

Geography: U.S.


Customer service, pharmacy (pharmacy technicians and clerks), IT, shared services (legal, marketing, communications, compliance and business operations) and clinical (LPN’s, therapists, health coaches)

Specific Challenges:

  • Like many other organizations in the U.S., the client placed a ban on any in-person interviews in March 2020 due to the spread of COVID-19, limiting the ability to conduct second-round interviews and complete other critical onboarding tasks.
  • For the client’s target markets, the Sevenstep team needed to ensure virtual events were broad enough so that any interested individual could attend but that the content and direction was focused enough to continue moving interested applicants through the interview process.
  • Unlike a traditional recruiting event, Sevenstep could not conduct interviews in person, a hiring imperative for this client under ‘normal’ circumstances.

Solution Type: Existing Enterprise RPO client

Delivery Model: End-to-end

Highlighted Strategies:

  • Sevenstep utilized a proprietary Virtual Career Readiness Program (VCRP) to help candidates prepare for a different environment that includes a virtual interview guide and materials to set expectations for the event
  • A core component of the VCRP is a cross-functional team to run meet-up booths that allow for engagement in a virtual, one-on-one setting
  • The VCRP team comprised of employment branding, recruitment marketing and channel branding experts who quickly adapted the messaging to advertise the change in forum and encourage participation in the virtual event while coordinating with internal client marketing and channel management resources
  • The VCRP utilized a playbook of proven multi-channel engagement strategies pre, post and during the virtual events to maximize previous investments from the client, including strategies for silver medalists, passed assessment overflow candidates, etc.
  • A robust, targeted digital advertising strategy drove nearly 300 applicants to the registration page within two days of the event
  • In total, over 500 applicants attended the live event, with over 1,250 pre-registered that the team could immediately engage with
  • Of those who attended the live event, 215 candidates had live dialogues with members of the virtual team
  • Within 48 hours of the event, 22 recruiter phone screens were completed
  • Within 10 days, 101 hiring manager interviews were scheduled, and 30 candidates received an offer